linkage question

Does anyone know if an '12 linkage bell & pull rod fit a '07 frame?. How about an '11?.



The linkage will bolt up,just the lenghts are different,should  work better with the newer linkage,I just put a 2011 linkage on my 07 but have not ridden it yet.

Hey thanks.

Hey Roger.  06 to 13. You can fit anything to anything.


Go the 10 or later rocker, and the same years for the tie rod, or better for most of us is the longer 136mm tie rod.

Hey Numroe, I was expecting your answer. I had a chance to buy either an '11 or a '12 rocker with its pullrod. Since I wasn't sure the '12 would fit & didn't wait longer I bought the '11 going by troy's post. The '12 was only $10 more than the '11. The thing is I wanted to get the better of the two that would fit the bike so I don't know how much better the '12 would be over the'11 if any. I guess i can return it & get the '12 if is worth it?. What do you guys think?

No difference 11 to 12. In my experiments, I concluded that by the 10 model Kawi finally got it sorted out. It works real well. The optional longer tie-rod is just there in case some people want it. I'm a big fan of keeping my 450 setup low. Any more ground clearance than required just contributes to the top heavy feeling, which IMO reduces front tire line choice in corners.

Well guys I received the alleged '11 linkage which the ebay description said "Bearings are in good condition" (see attached images). I contacted the seller "moto-recyclers" (adrenaline cycles ,tn) & they said they must gotten the wrong part out so for all I know I'm not sure if the linkage is from an '11 to begin with. I was going to replace the bearings anyway but wanted to test it at least for one time if the bearings were OK until the new bearings arrived. Anyways, I opened a case on ebay to have it returned. Does anyone know how to tell what year is it?










How much did you pay? I bought my new'11 complete linkage new for 124.00

I payed $87.00 dollars shipped to my door.

Parts have markings.

Wish I could help. Cannot inspect my bike for 10 days.

Tie rod is 135mm. Center to center. Hard to measure accurately.

Those bearings might be ok. External dust/dirt no problem.

I have a linkage setup from a 2010 in much better condition if you want to buy it. I personally cleaned and lubricated the bearings so I know there isn't any corrosion and the bearings are free.

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PM sent.

The main reason I'm going to return it is because not even the seller knows what year model this linkage is from. 

Wow, I just viewed your pics on my computer. Those bearings look pretty bad. Last time I was using my phone. I should have zoomed in!


I bought all my linkages from that same seller. I always got lucky with the bearings. My 11 linkage was like new and still had that stock Kawi white gel grease in them.


I thought I had some photos up close of the 11 linkage parts, to check the markings. But no joy.

Yea, I opened a case on ebay to have it returned for a full refund. 

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