New to riding in Colorado.


Hey guys I recently moved from Florida to Co, Parker. Looking to ride mostly mx but some good trails would be nice. I ride a 250 red pony and pretty much a beginner on 2wheels. any suggestions on where to ride ?
Thanks in advance

Welcome to CO! Your closet bet is Rampart Range for a good mix of trails. Can be busy on weekends. Go to for maps for many other places around the state. If you search this forum you will find a bunch of threads with feedback for easy places to ride. Great time of year to get out there and enjoy it.

WOW. Couldn't get 2 more different types of riding. Rampart this time of year is good after work. Welcome. P.M. me if ya wanna go ride in the next few days, Rampart's awesome when it's wet.

Need to get the bike dialed in, have no idea where to take it to get jets redone. You guys know of any local shops around? been dying to ride :(

Welcome to CO! Lotta places to ride once you know where to go :)  As mentioned, Rampart is your closest bet for trails... maybe check out Watkins for MX and getting used to your steed.


IMHO - Now that you're at 'elevation' it would benefit you to jet your bike yourself. Jets are cheap, super easy and you'd kick your maintenance/tech skills up a notch!  :thumbsup:


Just ask the locals what they are running in bikes like yours!  (Red pony forum, here, local shops, etc)  You should be able to hit the dirt by the weekend!!  :ride:  


Ride on!

Welcome to CO!  I'm pretty new to two wheels as well but not to trail riding (a former quad rider who found his way).   Post up once you get jetted and we can hit some trails.  (once the rain dies down)

Need to get the bike dialed in, have no idea where to take it to get jets redone. You guys know of any local shops around? been dying to ride :(

Motofix is one of the best jetting guys I ever dealt with, makes it feel like EFI.  He will meet you at track & do you right.  Sets up stock suspension pretty well too.

thanks guys for all the info, still need some time to settle in, hoping to ride next weekend if the weather is good!

welcome to colorado

Thanks Rogo1!

welcome, for mx i would check out thunder valley, imi, 2 rivers, and watkins first 2 are great tracks i havent gone to the other 2 though. welcome to the CO

I'm about 1 hour south of Parker. I don't make it up north often to ride. I'll ride east of Colo Springs often. Aztec, RAM, Pikes Peak Enduro aka Fountain Creek.

Those are paid to ride tracks. There are some BLM/State land trails down in my area that can be fun.

Check out

They put on a really cool Hare scramble/GP type race series. The venues they use are a good time.

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