2013 ktm 500 exc

Hi guys I own a 2013 ktm 500 exc wich im doing a long trip on about 4500km just trying to get some parts for it to turn it into a dual sports bike.


larger front tank around 20L

rear tank

oil cooler to increase oil capacity

cush drive rear wheel

front screen for wind break

some type or rear rack for gear to sit on must be strong


ill be crossing the simpson dessert on the trip so any advice where I can source these parts and any extras you think would help would be much appreciated will be doing the trip with out a support vehicle so thinking ill need at least 40L of fuel and around 10L water for the dessert trip alone once again thanks for any advice.



Around 15 liter tank. I don't know of one larger.  http://safaritanksusa.com/product_info.php?products_id=109

Cush hub any KTM dealer can order.

Pro Moto Billet makes a strong rear rack.

I don't know of an aftermarket oil cooler yet. The Rekluse clutch cover will give you "slightly" more oil in the system.

I haven't seen the rear fuel tank for the new bikes. They didn't work too well anyway. Lot's of subframe failures, etc.

Lots of people make windshields, take your pick.


If you have many miles on your bike then replace the cushions on the inner clutch hub before you go. I don't think an oil cooler is really needed on this bike. Instead of a cush hub you might look at these: http://www.kushsprockets.com/sprockets  They're made right there in Australia. Replace the wretched stock headlight and fill all of your connectors everywhere with dielectric grease. I'd also spend some time carefully tying up and properly routing all the electric wiring, KTM did a terrible job. Install a CanAm or other 10 micron good sized inline fuel filter. Carry some spare fuel line and FI specific clamps. I have a spare injector in my kit too. It certainly can't hurt.


Thanks for the info mate

Just wondering if anyone has used the kush sprocket or are you better of spending the money on a cush drive hub also haven't had any luck finding a screen for this bike company name would be appreciated for the screen just on the oil cooler thought the extra oil capacity would benifet the extra kms travelled

A cush hub would be better. That being said if the trans in the new bikes is as good as the prior ones then likely it's not needed. Countershaft wear seems to be the only real issue, not broken trans.


Might look at some of these:  http://www.ceebaileys.com/acerbis/index.html


It also wouldn't be difficult to bend your own out of Lexan.

Hey cheers for the info mate

Since the clutch basket is rubber damped already, a cush hub or Kush sprocket shouldn't be necessary.

Since the clutch basket is rubber damped already, a cush hub or Kush sprocket shouldn't be necessary.

While not necessary it would reduce countershaft and chain wear a bit.

thank you for the responses

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