Dr650 spring rates

Is there a chart somewhere that shows which fork and shock springs to get for riders different weights. I keep reading the stock springs suck for anybody over 140 pounds. Im 180.

Race-Tech has spring rate calculator on their sight

Might as well try it first as rate is a little dependent on style (sit/stand) speed and terrain. It is easy to over spring a DR such that the rebound damping becomes insufficient for the spring.



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The race tech calculator has all kinds of inputs for that stuff

Yep that's what I used. If you ride your bike loaded (adventure) you may need to take that into consideration too when selecting a set up. I went overkill with my set up (8.6 rear spring 0.8 fronts) RT emulators and gold valve (I'm also 180lb) I ride aggressive on the dunes though and load the bike heavy on adventure trips so it works for me.

Thanks a lot guys. Il check out that spring site. Like you say, il wait a bit and see what my style is first. Its my first dual purpose bike, ive only had road bikes before. Hoping to do some easy off road, fire trails etc. probably a bit of camping too, but only weekend stuff. My camping gear is real lightweight as i used to hike and camp a lot. So probably more important to set up springs for just me, rather than with tent n stuff.

Thanks again for the advice :)

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