93 cr250 clutch not disengaging

I have been lurking here for a while but this is my first time posting. I am new to riding and for my first bike I bought a 93 cr250 and been riding it for a few months. The problem is after camping rolling my bike off the trailer it stayed in gear when I pulled the lever in. There was no issue when I was riding it but now it's disengaging. I've tried adjusting the cable and the problem is still there. I started it in neutral and kicked it in gear while pulling the lever, the bike pulled but didn't stall when I applied the brakes. Letting brakes go the bike starts to pull. With the bike off I can't roll it at all in gear and the lever pulled in. I would appreciate any help


If you have looked over all the small things and when you pull the clutch lever in, it feels good / normal (minus the clutch not engaging) look at your clutch basket. There is a chance the clutch discs have notched there way into it and causing the clutch to not engage properly. This exact problem to a "t" just happened to my buddy. Good luck.

I took it apart and there is a very slight notching in he basket from the plates. Is there a tolerance for this it seems very minor?


Any notching at all will hinder performance.  If it's minor you can remove the basket and file the fingers until they have a flat surface again.  However, this is only a bandaid as the plates will now have more clearance between fingers to "hammer" back and forth, so the wear will be accelerated.


Is your cable adjusted properly?  You should have a small amount of free play before the lever starts to actually pull the cable.  If you can fit a nickel in between the purch and lever that is usually a good estimate of proper slack.  If you have way too much slack in the cable, you will not be fully disengaging the clutch which will also cause drag.

I agree with callen and Scotty.


Usually the suspect is the clutch basket getting notches in it where the clutch plates contact it while you are riding. The notches keep the clutch discs in the 'clutch engaged' position and do not allow the individual discs to spread apart.


The real fix is to replace the clutch basket with a new one. The bandaide is to lightly file away the grooves in the clutch basket fingers so the clutch plates can slide freely on the fingers.

I am going to try and file down he grooves and hopefully prove that's the problem before replacing the whole basket. He only reason I am hesitant to replace it off the start is that the grooves are quite small and it seems like that would be a problem that gets worse with time not just suddenly stops working. If I'm way off please let me know.


Put the bike in gear, on a stand with the rear wheel in the air.


Remove the pressure plate and see if the rear wheel spins. If it still does not spin, remove the clutch disks. The rear wheel should spin now.


If the rear wheel does not spin with the bike in gear while the pressure plate is removed, that means the clutch disks are not spreading apart enough and still causing friction between the engines crankshaft and the transmission.


Remove the clutch basket and file down the grooves. Reinstall it and see what happens.  This will cost you nothing more than a quart of 10w40 and possibly a clutch cover gasket.  If it makes your problem go away, then great, ride it like that for a while until you save up for a new clutch basket.

filing should do it. i even filed the clutch plates so the sharp edges wouldn't dig into the Aluminum. Have not inspected since, but it solved the exact same problem you're having.


Worn frictions will almost always result in slipping so you're probably good with just filing.


The only reason frictions would stick is cause they are contaminated ie. bad oil, oil/water (aka milkshake).


should be able to totally disengage with super little to no resistance to the engine.


enjoy ; |

take your friction plates and soke them in atf type F. if the fingers dont have big groves, then chances are its only your plates sticking together. you can even go to town and give them a quick clean in some deisel.

So filed down the basket and still not working. I spoke with a guy at my local shop and he suggested that the discs are warped. So I stacked them together and held up to a light ( as advised) and I could see light between them, meaning warped. I have ordered a new clutch kit and hopefully that will correct the problem.

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