2004 Honda CRF150F Conversion

How do you convert the CRF150F to big wheel? Also how much do you think it would cost for it to be done at a shop?!

It is big wheel

If you are referring to running an 18" rear and 21" front wheel (like on the 230) you will have to get the forks, swingarm, rear brake arm and wheels off of a 230. They bolt right on the 150f frame.  I even know of  a Guy who modified the axle slots on his 150 swingarm to allow the 18 wheel to fit. I did this swap on my wifes 150f. What you wind up with is a 150f motor in a 230 rolling chassis. With the right gearing it worked pretty good as a trail bike but was lacking in the speed dept.  eBay is your best bet for the parts. Just be patient and choose carefully.


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