Ktm 250 sxf vs ktm 300 xc

Im having trouble deciding between these 2 bikes i want the 300 for the power but dont want the hassle of a 2 stroke or am i looking at it wrong? is going to be more reliable then the 250 or not , is it going to last longer ,whats going to be all around cheaper and whats the bigger bang for the buck. I ride trails and sand/loose rock pits.

Reliability is mostly on the operator. If you fix things when they break, change oil on a regular basis, keep the are filter clean, run good clean fuel and change wearable parts out BEFORE they break you can have a virtually trouble free motorcycle regardless of it being a 2t or 4t.....other then the motors, all parts will cost virtually the same but a 4t will cost more to fix if it blows up....


That being said, 300s are not a hassle. They are excellent bikes....Bigger bang for the buck and will be a bit less maintenance then a 250 4t due to running at lower RPMs vs a higher revving 250f.....


The resale will also be better on the 300...

 dont want the hassle of a 2 stroke or am i looking at it wrong?

What hassle do you mean ? It takes about 30 seconds to mix dump 9oz of premix in 3 gallons of gas . 

Top ends ?  Think of that as an early warning... after a long time, depending how you rode and maint, the bike

will gradually start to lose some power, have less bottom and wont start as easy...

Time for a TopEnd ....at least you get some warning .  Good luck man !

Thank alot guys ! I think I'm going to go with the 300, btw all my friends told me it a lot of work but i researched recently and realized that if i just use it properly i should be fine thanks again

The 300 is a good choice

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