FCR retrofit for FI bikes

anyone done this yet?  

Why would you want to? 

Should be pretty easy, not much has changed aside from replacing a carb with a throttle body. Don't know if the CDI would work though, that would be a pricey part to have to swap.


As to why would you want to, that's kind of like asking why would you want a kickstarter on your bike. Anyone who has had a complicated part go bad in the middle of nowhere understands. The only carb issues I've dealt with are from bikes that set for a while, FI on the other hand happens all the time to bikes that get ridden all the time.

I sure can't understand why anyone would want to go backwards. Kinda like saying a model T is a better than todays cars cause the parts are simpler. 116 hours on my bike so far and not one problem with the FI. stock filter and filter sock since new

Knock on wood.

Why would you spend the extra money for an FI bike just to downgrade it to. Carb? You're welcome to buy all 20 of my main/pilot jets I have! I'm done with carbs!

I was pretty leery of FI bikes just b/c there's a lot that can go wrong and leave you stranded.  Whereas I've rebuilt carbs trailside.  Not much you can do to a carb that'll leave you hiking home.  That said, it seems like the failure rate on the FI systems is really low so I just recently suggested my dad get a FI WR250R so it'll be interesting to see how it does.

Seen enough trail fails now to be leary but not totally against it...within tow or trucks reach. Concern is the running fuel like this:



riding places like this:


Put a fuel sock in it along with an adaption all inline fuel filter if you're that worried about it. The truth is there are many many things that could fail on a bike to strand you. Coil, stator, cooling system, clutch, chain, wheels...

EFI is very reliable. The key is always ride with some one or have means to contact other people. I carry a spot, a fire kit, a space blanket and enough food for 3 days along with some powerful painkillers should I get hurt. Maintain your bike and it will take care of you. But putting your head in the sand because you're scared of EFI is just moving backwards. If that's the atitude don't ride trail. Then you can never be stranded! Lol

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