Programer for 12' 500 XC-W

Im looking for a usb to the bike programming tool for my 2012. that will allow me to customize my own fuel mapping and timing. I don't want to buy just the plug and play one I want the one where I can download the software. I hear these bikes are designed to run crap fuel from all over the world. being that Im at 5000'+ and only run 91+ I want to tweak up the timing to get more.

Load the EU map and install the map switch.

Load the EU map and install the map switch.


Yeah, thats what I dont want todo. I want control of the tune. I want to see the fuel maps and be able to make a change to the mapping.

You're going to have to load the EU map no matter what, the UST doesn't work on the exc or xcw map. From what I've heard from people testing on dynos it's pretty close to optimum.

My dealer offered to do this for free if I got the bike serviced with them

Load the EU map and install the map switch.

So, I read that the 500 xcw is just an add the switch deal, nothing else to get. Is that right? The post I read was on this site where that was all he had done and he highly recommended.

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