2010 CRF250R Shifter Leak

I took my 2010 crf250r for a rip the other day and after I put it back in the garage I noticed oil all over the linkage, and pretty much spattered all over the around the rear tire. I took a look at it and I'm guessing the leak is coming from the shifter and the oil got on the chain and spattered everywhere hence the oil on the linkage and rear parts. It seems like quite a lot of oil that leaked and I checked my oil level and sure enough it had dropped. If you know anything about this or it has happened to you please let me know what to do or what you think the problem may be! As of now I'm thinking I will need to replace the shifter seal but not positive. Help me out!?

I would say its the shifter seal, a mate had the same thing happen to his rmz450 and it was the seal

Could be the countershaft sprocket seal, too. Clean the cases and rest of the bike well then you'll be able find the origin...

Like they said above shifter or countershaft sprocket. Edit: Remove the sprocket + spacer and shift lever, after that its pretty easy to pull both sealing rings out of the case. On my bike CRF250R '10 it was the countershaft sprocket, too. But I'm rebuilding the engine right now. I'm changing every sealing ring inside and outside, just in case. Sorry for my first info, my head was inside the engine  :rolleyes:

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Like scooba said its probably the shifter seal. I would try a sealing compound called "Dirko HT" from the German manufacture Elring.

Use some break cleaner to decrease the area and than put the sealing compound on the shifter seal/crankcase. This stuff works perfect

on any kind of seal in your engine. There is a guy who has it listed on eBay.com

Don't think you can change the seal ring without splitting the engine cases!

Almost positive you can without splitting cases. All you do is take of the shorter and pick the seal out and install the new one.

You can change the shifter seal or the countershaft sealing parts without taking the engine apart at all.

You sure it's the shifter? It sounds like too much oil loss to be the shifter seal. I would take a look at the countershaft sprocket seal too...

I put in a new shifter seal and it hasn't leaked yet so hopefully that was the problem! Thanks for the help!

Shifter seal might leak when the shifter gets bent, or at least that is what is happening right now on my buddies CRF230.

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