Carpal tunnel, bigger grips, or video game syndrome

Today I had a hell of a ride. It was hot and by the end of the day I felt like I had made it through a session of boot camp. Right at the end of the ride, when we were beat, we decided to take a new trail. (I advise not doing this when you have an appointment at 2:30pm, when it's 12:30pm and you have to drive 45 mins to get there) The trail was super steep, rutty, and mostly round rocks the size of lemons (I think the Devil made it). I crashed a few times and totally exhausted myself. On the way back I could barely hold on to my bike through the whoops after only 4 hours of riding. It felt like either my grips were too small or I had been gripping my bars too tightly in fear of crashing on a crazy trail.

Who makes a good oversized grip?

Also, I used the hell out of the clutch going up the trail made by the devil. How tough are these WR400 clutches, 2000.

(Ride hard, it's easier)

Thanks, Joe (:


Where were you riding? Can't recommend any grips. Do you have a steering stabilizer? If not get one. Then you won't need the kung-fu grip on your bars. As far as the clutch goes, the 2000 400 & 426 have an intermittent clutch basket problem. Mine exploded recently. Luckily I was able to shut it down quickly , minimizing other damage. Our dear friends at Yamaha chose to not recall the bikes and replace the clutch baskets. They chose to deal with the casulties after the fact. In my case they denied my claim. As much as I like my WR I will NEVER buy another Yamaha product EVER.


If my clutch brakes maybe we could work together against Yamaha. I'll keep you in mind. Have you heard of others with this problem?

I was riding in the los padres national forest (POZO) the trails are rutty nutty


I opened my bike up in some whoops and looked down to see that I was going 55mph. I kept accelerating and next thing I knew my front end was shaking around fiercely (headshake from hell). I squeezed the hell out of the bars and recovered it. Then got back on the gas but the incident scared the b-jesus out of me.

I want a stabilizer bad now.... just the $$$. $$ is killing me or not having one might :)

Ourry makes oversize grips. has them I believe. I have a pair that are soooooooft on my WR. Works great. I bought the ATV grips since I run a thumb throttle instead of twist grip.

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