how do remove of clutch push lever 09 yz 450f

I need to remove my clutch push lever on my 09 yz 450f because oil is leaking out of the o-ring and I have no idea how it comes off.  Can I pull it off with my case still on the bike?  If there is a easy way to pull this do it with my case still on the bike can someone let me know? 

The release arm is retained by the clutch push rod that runs through the main shaft.  To remove the clutch release arm, you have to expose the clutch and remove the pressure plate.  Then remove the outer clutch push rod and the steel ball behind it.  At that point, you can draw the inner push rod out a half inch or so, which will allow you to lift out the release arm. 

ok that sounds easy enough to do.   Do i need to replace he bearing on the clutch push lever when I replace it the rubber oring and clip?

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