DRZ Idling - Help requested

Hi everybody, I've got a bit of a problem with my lovely Dr. Zed

As i was approaching a round-about it stalled on me.


Pushed the electric start and she fired back up, Awesome!


20 mins later the same thing happened as i approached a red light, this time she didn't fire up though. She was turning over, but no life.


I pushed her home and pulled her apart.


I've done the following so far to troubleshoot:


Checked battery voltage and drop - Within normal ranges

Checked wiring - All looks good Checked spark plug - had a spark, but was due for a replacement, Replaced.

Pulled out carb and checked float level, needle, and jets. - Gave a good clean and placed back into frame


After that the bike wouldn't start, turned over but still no life.


Pulled the carb out again and cleaned all the jets once more.

Bike fired up first try, but now she won't idle. Runs through the full rev range, but as soon as I let off the throttle, she dies.


Further details: 12000 km on the odo 2001 DR-Z400E Valve clearances checked at 11 000km


TL:DR Bike was running, now it wont idle. Signs point to fuel issue, but everything is working as it should

What now?

You've set your fuel screw and idle together? I was having idle start issues because of a R&D Flex Jet that I installed on an FCR carb. It took a while to find the sweet spot that wasn't too lean or too rich. The screw was slipping which caused my issue in the first place. I had to replace the spring, washer, and oring.


No fuel in your oil either right? If the petcock is leaking you'll never get it started without a full oil change.

how does it idle with the choke out?

Is your little fuel filter in the tank clogged? May be as simple as that...

When it happens again, pop the gas cap and see if any vacuum has developed there. (tank not venting)

See if it will run with the petcock on prime.  (leaking vacuum line/bad petcock)

What all the guys have said would be a good place to start aswell as rechecking that pilot circut . Just because you have pulled and cleaned the jet doesnt mean that you have dislodged any gunk in the carbs body , use compressed air in the ports . Also check your oil for fuel contamination , if it is check your floats or fuel tap , greg

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