When to sit down, and when to stand up?

When is it appropriate to be seated when riding, and when is it appropriate to stand?  I ride mostly mx tracks, and I just started racing, but I feel like I am sitting down too much of the time.  For ruts and tight berms, it feels appropriate to sit, and I usually stand for the jumps, although sometimes a seat bounce to gain a bit of hight feels better, especially for jumps that come right out of corners.  


Where I am unsure is in the straights and long sweeping corners that do not have any ruts to gain traction.  My gut tells me to stand in the straights, but I am a bit unsure of the corners.  Should I sit forward on the tank with my leg out and let the back tire slide out a bit, or stand and weight the outside peg?  Thanks!


EDIT:  Another thing I was unsure of.  Should I be pulling in the clutch when going around tight corners?  Currently I am not using the clutch for the slow 180 degree berms, but should I?  

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Straight aways depends on how rough it is for me. I sit in corners. You might have to stand for breaking bumps then make the transition to sitting right after. I do alot of standing on trails but thats a completely different game. For big flat corners i sit and it depends on the terrain as to were i sit on the seat. On the track sitting will allow you to carry more speed because your center of gravity is lower.For corners it depends on the corner for the clutch. Most of the time i use the clutch to control the power delivery if needed. In a big sweeper just power through. For tighter corners or inside lines you might have to clutch a little. This is the stuff that works for me. Every rider is different so pick out what may help you. I hope this help.

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