Intermittent Fuel Pump Failure

First off! ..... I think this is pretty much isolated to my bike and have not heard of this being a widespread problem. Earlier this spring I was out riding in the mountains here in WA. As I gained elevation the bike began to run rough and loose power..... Like bad fuel or something! I kept revving the engine to keep it going but it died a couple times and I ended up turning the ignition switch completely off and on a couple times to reset the start sequence and finally get the bike running. I was puzzled by this after 500 total trouble free miles and figured I might have gotten some bad fuel. I cut my ride short and headed back.... bike ran fine all the way home.... puzzled! I Drained the tank and filled up with fresh fuel. Went on a couple test rides close to home and bike ran great!

Few days later took the kids riding on their CRF's and had trailered the bikes up into the mountains. I got about a mile up the trail and the bike completely died! Could not get it to start for anything! Sh#t!!! Luckily it was mostly down hill as I pushed the bike back to the trailer.... Noticed that I could not hear the fuel pump running when I turned the ignition on. Went home and started trouble shooting the bike with the service manual checked all the fuses and relays and determined that I had power to the fuel pump electrical connector but that the pump was obviously not running.

I called my local dealer where I purchased my bike and told them the situation and what I'd determined with my troubleshooting. I had the bike torn apart in my garage and asked if I could just bring the tank and fuel pump over for them to check... They were cool and said to bring the tank in! They were able to verify that the pump was running intermittently and fully covered the replacement pump under warranty.

I've been back up and running with over 100 trouble free miles and plan to do about 400 miles in the Cascade Mountains in the next couple weeks. My confidence in this fun bike has been restored!

Edited by Red Rider-

Glad to hear the dealer helped you easily and your back to riding. Far too often you hear horror stories about dealers.

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