Light Switch

Any one know of a good Multi-function light (Hi/Low), Start and kill buttons along with a Horn. Is there a bike model I could steal it from? I'm hoping to say with KTM and not get a crappy looking tusk one.


Im on a 12' 500 XC-W. 

Replace everything with the Euro unit. You can turn off the headlight too. Expensive but worth it.


Headlight switch: 50311070000

Turn switch:  50311029000

Adapter: 13011070060


The unit looks like this. I've been moving it from bike to bike since my 2000 400exc. It's now on my 500.



That's the one I have. The width made it a bit more difficult to install the Rekluse brake lever, but it still fit

Bumping an old post:

Does the kill switch button on the Euro style swtichgear pictured above lock-in, preventing the start button from activating while depressed?

Or is it just a momentary switch (press and release)?


Momentary, just like the stock kill button.

Just now, eastreich said:

Momentary, just like the stock kill button.

Thanks very much.

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