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TT Members PLEASE BEWARE . Scammers are on here !

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I just got a TT PM from a guy with Zero posts , asking about my classified items. I clearly list descriptions, price, pics yet he still asks for this.

The language is very similar to scammer texts I get from craigslist ... so anyone with a classified, beware . 


Maybe should be a 10 post minimum to list a classified, then we could look at those posts and determine if the

person is actually real and not a scammer.


"Hello Seller,

Good morning and how are you doing today? I am interested in buying your item, I would like to know the present condition of the item and what the final asking price is, I would also like to know if the item has a clear title and a bill of sale? Kindly send me more pictures of the Bike at your earliest, I will be more than glad to purchase this bike from you.

Send your response to ck197801@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon.


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I ScammerSpammer'd him :) It's the s*^#, floods their email inbox with hundreds of emails containing jumbled up text. I set up a test email account to see what it does and HOLY CRAP, like 800 emails a day. It's impossible for them to find any legit emails so they have to keep creating new accounts.



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