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wr450 kickstarter issue

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I am looking at buying a 2003 WR450 electric start from a older gentleman who is getting out of riding.  He has owned this bike for four years and bought it from the original owner.  Great looking bike overall and I know it's a beast for the woods etc.  Problem.  He says the electric start works fine but that something is wrong with the kickstart and it doesn't engage.  He says it happened last year and just didn't want to spend the money and take it to dealer to get fixed.  Could be something simple or expensive, he didn't know and since the ES was working he didn't worry about it.  Now its time to sell and it's an issue.  What do you guys think?  He wants $1800 for the bike.  Has new chain and sprocket and front brakes in the last six months.  He has only had the bike out once this year.  LR.

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