LHRB and air

Installed a lhrb on my bike bout a month ago. I bleed it out and the brake works great for about half a ride then lever just goes to bars. foot brake works fine. I bleed it again and it appears to be full of air. I have searched the brake line for leaks but can't find any sign of leakage. Last time I pushed about 10 0z. brake fluid through so any air should have come out. The brake line has no dips so I can't figure out wtf is going on. Has anyone else come across this problem and what did you do to correct it. Thanks in advance for all answers

Sorry I can't help you.  I don't have the LHRB with the foot pedal option.  When I installed my LHRB I just bought a large surenge at the local Southern States farm store, attached a piece of appropriately sized clear tubing and filled the line and reservior from the rear caliper forward, until the brake fluid was running out the top of the open master cylinder.  Put the cap on, and ride.  Two years, not so much as a burp.  Zero air, everytime. 


Not sure how, or if, the inclusion of the foot pedal would affect this process though.

I have a lhrb along with the foot pedal. Like mentioned above you have to reverse bleed the system. Weird that your not losing pressure at the pedal though. I would go back over all of your fittings and the banjo bolt at the rear master cylinder and make sure they are tight. I had to really crank on the banjo bolt at the rear mc when I installed mine. Almost a year and no issues.

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