fuel injectors-backordered with no ETA

Ordered a fuel injector. They are on backorder with no expected date of arrival. This totally sucks. I called a couple big local dealers and Motorsport,rmatv. So...if you need an injector you are SOL until they arrive.

i have not heard of anyone with injectors going bad? do you filter your fuel? what are symptoms?

I have a good throttle body that comes with an injector for sale if your interested  

Thanks for the offer,but I can wait. I cleaned it and its working,but I would rather replace with new. No-I don't filter my fuel. I very rarely use pump gas. I have pitted multiple times with a dump can, so its possible dirt got in. Also, the day it clogged-I put a full tank of pump gas in. Shit happens. Not really worried,but it does piss me off that a part isn't readily available. Although,for the injector to not be available,is proof that people are buying them more than supply allows. The injector has been the same since 2010. symptoms are poor throttle response,stalling. Breaking up at high rpm. Hard starting can also be a symptom. Basically,try to gie it throttle and it stalls out. After cleaning it fired up perfect. I primarily run 100LL or vp u4. vp u4 can clog carbs,but I have never let it sit in the tank. I always run straight gas in it after using it. Not concerned about the clog..Concerned about the part.

I think the first examples of u4 were like that, but the current u4.4 stays stable for a long period.

That's the first injector I've heard of failing on the suzukis. Normally that is a problem associated with the ktm's. I've heard of suzuki with 120 hours or more and never had that problem. Maybe a defect? Sorry that happened to you brother.

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