buyin another bike

owned a few diferent brands of bikes butt never a ktm, considering a ktm 85 for my son. opinions lets hear'em.   matt

owned a few diferent brands of bikes butt never a ktm, considering a ktm 85 for my son. opinions lets hear'em. matt

CR or YZ is the best 80- 85

In twmxs 2013 85 shootout i believe the order was ktm, kawasaki, honda (150), yamaha.

Is he racing? What's the price spread? KTM makes a fine lil bike.

he hasn' raced yet butt wants to. i've located a used one an am seriously thinkin of buyin it. 2008 85xc raced one season, gone through over winter butt rider out grew it. think i can get it 1500ish. 2 owner bike

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