Rampart Flooding?


I see Colorado has gotten tons of rain and is experiencing flash flooding from Colo Springs north. Wondering if my friends and I should cancel our trip to Rampart this weekend.


I've been there when it got tons of hail and rain but seemed to drain off pretty quick, but reports are, this heavy rain could continue for the next few days.


Which forest service office could I call to find out conditions?


Thanks for any info.

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If anything, it should be perfect. Rampart soaks up the water pretty fast. If there isn't another 2 inches this afternoon, conditions should be awesome.

That's the thing. From reports, it's sure to get that much and even more during the weekend. I've called the Douglas county office of emergency management, the forest serive office and the Jarre Mart in Sedalia for local info. No bad reports of flash flooding, land slides or such.

it's pretty much the top of the hill so you should be ok. you might want to stay out of the drainages though. 686 has a couple of creek crossings. same with 673, 674. stay on top and it should be awesome. G

Bad weather = less riders in the area which always makes me happy.

I might go myself this weekend

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