Gear Rec. what do you think?

Replacing some gears, aluminum doesn't last hauling my @#$ around. I am not interested in being light, I dress out at about 280. What do you think of this brand?

Love this site, great members and great info, thanks!

Dont know much about the sprocket but ive used a couple of outlaws products and didnt have any complaints.. You cant go wrong for a sprocket at that price really

Ya the aluminum stuff dont last very long. Any steel sprocket will last longer so long as the chain is not stretched.


I use primary drive steel front and rear with an o-ring chain. 

Just got he gear mentioned above.  Me likey!  Well made, about 2x the weight of a Renthal 52 tooth.  VERY hard steel!!  Acts as hard as a grade 8 or 8.8 bolt. Well made, runs true, machined.  Not a fine machining, but a good job.  


If you are looking for a steel gear, I would recommend it for sure.  I think well worth the money.  Time will tell, I guess.  More solid than the picture looks.

My Tag Metals aluminum rears last about two years racing in the desert.  It's the chain, not the sprocket.

My Tag Metals aluminum rears last about two years racing in the desert. It's the chain, not the sprocket.

Sure in some cases, but where I rode mainly glacial till, the fine and gritty gravel eats aluminum rears for breakfast.

So you're saying that blow sand doesn't do that?

Not when it's dry.

How about when the wheel runs all the way down to the chain in it?

I have ripped the teeth off the aluminum before.  Just not fond of them.  I am not trying to have a "perdy" color coordinated bike that looks like the pros.  How long do you think they run the same gear?  I want dependability for the long run.  Just trying to help brother riders.

 I am not trying to have a "perdy" color coordinated bike that looks like the pros.


There's not one thing on my bike apart from the graphics that was purchased based on what it looks like.  Like anything else, you can buy either steel or aluminum sprockets that are either high quality, or junk (the standard Renthal is an example).  If you use a good quality chain and maintain it right, you'll get good service out of either.  The only exception is in conditions where the bike runs in a lot of mud that's loaded with coarse gravel.  The Tags (same as AFAM) are also less expensive than most of the "trick" steel stuff.


Two years of service satisfies my needs for long term reliability, and I don't pay the weight penalty that comes with steel sprockets (even the Ironman, which have issues of their own).  That weight, BTW, is unsprung, so it's as detrimental as twice that weight elsewhere on the bike. 

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