2001 RM250 Very Rich

hi, i have a 01 suzuki rm250 ,fresh top end also bills header pipe and v-force reed set up . new carb kit with factory settings and jets installed , bike runs very rich at idle and low speed tight trails 1st 2nd gear,it will burn your eyes.  dont know if i should move needle clip or start changing jets runs great at high rpm and doesent leak fuel like a stuck float, any info would be helpful.

I myself just got done jetting my bike again it's an 03. There is plenty of good info here and some guys with more experience that will chime in I'm certain. Factors that affect jetting:silencer packing, crank seals, air filter (dirty,oily, clean), bad fuel, altitude, humidity, how you ride the bike, and fuel oil mixture to name a few. That being said no 2 bikes are identical. My factory setting manuals at home so don't take it to the bank. Was 48pilot, 170-75main needle on 3rd clip. My current jetting with a stock fresh motor and 168 main needle 2nd clip from top 40 pilot jet stock 6.5 slide, 1.5 out on a/f screw and it could still use some leaning out but I feel safe where it's at. Most all bikes are fat from te factory so people don't blow motors. You know your people's is in te slow circuits ie: pilot jet, needle, air screw some actual numbers on jets and air fuel screw will help us help you tune your machine. In the sticky section there are more than one on jetting. If that doesn't help if it where me I'd check you air screw and start there first if its way out or way in that will tell you it's a pilot jet issue as the pilot and main work together and everything over laps. Good luck and let us all know.

hi, seems worse after adding bills pipe and new reeds , installed carb kit  all jets the same as i took out , pilot is #48 main#162 jet needle 3rd clip and power jet 45 and out about 1 3/4 on a/f screw. i ride alot of tight trails 2nd gear most just seems very rich ,i was going to move jet needle clip one groove and try it.

Howdy I'm running 40:1 castrol 927 with straight C-12 and running a 40 pilot jet these things are rich out of the box. mine was runnin stupid rich on the slow circuits and I've heard the factory needles looks like a 2 year machined them out with a rock. I found when I put the fmf fatty pipe on I had to drop 2 main jet sizes an 1 pilot and could have dropped another pilot jet down to a 38 probably. If you know your float level is good and you've got the brass might swap in a 45/42 pilot jet. only work on one thing at a time and go in smallest increments you can in regards to jet size. You say you have a jet kit so that helps you out greatly.

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moving the clip on the needle will only affect your mid range

Post your elevation and temps... Also what Spark plug do you run ? Im using a br8eg .But now i will say id def put the clip on the second notch on the needle that will help. Next try a 155 main than do a plug chop test and post a pick . I just had the same issues with my 01 . Im running a 155 main needle on second clip . 130 feet above sea level . 93 octane pump gas with yamalube 2r at 20:1 and my bike is clean . I tried a 160 main and it still spooged bad . Hope this helps

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