2001 RM250 Very Rich

hi, i have a 01 suzuki rm250 ,fresh top end also bills header pipe and v-force reed set up . new carb kit with factory settings and jets installed , bike runs very rich at idle and low speed tight trails 1st 2nd gear,it will burn your eyes.  dont know if i should move needle clip or start changing jets runs great at high rpm and doesent leak fuel like a stuck float, any info would be helpful.

What fuel/oil ratio?


Has the bike run poorly since 2001 or did you change something then it ran poorly?

im running 32:1. I am running Maxima Super M with 93 octane Super.  bought it last year i thought it ran rich but it never fouled a plug so thought it was ok. this winter i added bills pipe and v-force reed  and it seems richer now. thought of moving the clip on jet needle but i was looking were to start.

I would start with lowering  the pilot jet.

Did you check and measure the float level? I assume you also replaced the fuel inlet needle with your carb kit?

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