CRF100 Neddle adjustment (Help)

So I'm jetting my son's CRF100 (2004) and decided to shim the needle from the third notch to the fourth, from the top.  When putting it back together, all I had parts wise was the spring, needle, and this V clip thing, which is totally different than my CRF230.  It appeared that the V clip sits pointing "tip up" right over the top of the needle, and the spring keeps it in place.  Problem is, (or maybe it's not a problem), is that the needle has some "float" until it bottoms into the peak of the upside down V.


Is the needle supposed to have some float?  Like 1/4"?  Just seems weird, or maybe I'm not getting the reinstallation correct.  Help please.



the clip lays on its side, not tip up 

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