Under Jersey Chest Protectors

The pro guys and a lot of riders that I see videos of have their jerseys over their chest protectors/roost guards.  Does anyone know which gear they are actually wearing that is thin enough and doesn't interfere with neck braces?  I've looked at Leatt, Alpinestars, Fox, and Thor but everything seems too bulky?  Any help would be appreciated.

add to your list, Fox, UFO under protectors.

Many modify by adding air holes.

Most do not have any form of shoulder protection. After looking at the 2013 MXON, the Euros have a few good products to choose from, but i don't know what brands. Most still don't have great shoulder protection.

Google search ken roczen chest proector for an intersting fusion of fox and ortema.

I ride/race offorad and mx and think that hard plastic rules and that shoulder protection is very important. I choose Fox Airframe over the jersey. I am interested to see Leatt 5.5 relased November first.

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