82 KDX 450 parts?

Please help me! Its impossible to find parts for this thing. I know they only made the Kdx 450 for one year and parts just don't exist. Need a piston, rings, and sleeve or jug in decent shape. any help would be greatly appreciated.

I wish you luck but try the guys over at 



From the parts diagrams, it looks like the KDX450 was just a stroked KX420. Same base gasket and piston as the 420.  You can find 420 stuff on Ebay.

Thanks. I'll try them out. Yeah, I was thinking about swapping to the 420, but parts are just as hard to come by. I guess it all depends on what I find is what I will do.

I emailed that guy about the piston kits. Thanks a lot for finding that! Hopefully I hear back with good news. Otherwise I'll be rounding up parts on eBay.

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