650L dies with throttle


I cleaned the carb about a week ago, and got it running once.

I took it about 2 miles but it wants to die all the time, I made a short video showing what I mean, when I release the choke and give it throttle it dies.



thank you

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where is the smoke coming from ?

where is the smoke coming from ?

Opps forgot to mention that. Leaking old oil. It is just burning off the outside of the engine

Have you checked valve clearances..........do that first..if good then pull the carb off again...


Take the carb fully apart,,remove all rubber bits,,soak all the rest in Pinesol in a covered container for a day...remove it and flush with hot water.......you want to flush ever small hole ion the carb........then blow every small hole with compressed air,,pay attention to the small holes just in front of the throttle blades,,on the intake side,take both jets and run a fine wire through every small hole and blown the crap out of them........reassemble,,turn the fuel screw in fully but just lightly seated then set the fuel screw to 2 1/4 turns out ........


Make note of the main and pilot jet sizes........52/155 is where i`d start,,but stock will still run decent..



No i have not checked valve clearnances. I will have to learn how, but I will do it.

EDIT: looks pretty easy

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Checking valve clearances is quite easy.  I'm sure there are directions elsewhere with the steps.  I bent my .0004 and .0005 feeler gauges about 1/2" from the end to make it easier to insert.


I find it easier to just reset all four valves than to try to check how close they are.  That way I KNOW how close they are.


Your bike acts like it's running way lean, which would explain why it runs with the choke on.

If you need to soak the carburetor in Pinesol, make sure that you get the one little rubber diaphram that is about 3/4" in diameter under a tiny cover.  I don't know what it's for, but it will stretch if you soak it in Pinesol.  The last time I soaked a carburetor in Pinesol, I stirred things around a few times while it was in there to better get some of the heavy grime off.

Have you done any mods to the carb? I agree with Scott, acts like it is far too lean. If you haven't done Daves mods, now would be the time since your going to remove it anyway. When off, replact all phillips screws top and bottom with m7 stainless allen heads....same for throttle bracket.

I would get it running before chucking Dave's mods in

there is no reason it shouldn't run fine with the stock settings other than a carb/valve/airleak/etc issue


so if it were Me  i would like a good running stocker  to add Dave's Mod's  to 

it would make fine tuning much easier

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Never seen a stock pig run well..if carb is off, why put off the inevitable? The mods are quick and the benefits are huge.If further issues one of the lads here will decipher it...no big deal.

  IMHO people have had issue with the  carb mods when done   and they needed fine tuned


if this pig ran fine  I would fix the problem at hand before you add more new  items to the mix of possible causes 


ps my pig runs fine  stock runs better without the smog    soon I will do the carb mods  just to prevent any future lean issues when I go up North  (OP is not high altitude )

but the thing runs perfect now  I have seen others comment the same  but regardless the OP has a problem


but thats  just how I would proceed    no arguments 

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