Ok guys,

I'm being serious with this one :)

Can anyone give me some advice on how to work up to doing a NAC NAC.

Please don't send me stories of guys busting their a$$es trying it because damit I'm going to do it anyway :D

I can't do a heel clicker cause I can't get my legs up high enough without cramping out :D

I can't whip worth a crap cause I can't get the bike back straight so.......

I've decided to end my life trying a NAC NAC.


You may be SOL... my Nacs have always started with a whip. first preload, leave ground as you lean (i like left) turn bars right,lift leg over seat into air, rotate body 180 (or as much as your comfortable) wave to the guy behind you, straighten bars, and level off bike as your leg goes back over the seat, and spot the landing.


but really, start with small tweaks, and whips...then try removing your leg from the bike. good luck.. and have fun!

I just pulled my first one yesterday! I was so stoked! My friends got pissed at me yelling "did you see it!" all day. It is actually very easy. I started doing one footers and little by little I just kept inching my foot back further and further and higher and higher. Then comes the moment of truth. To go for it and clear the back fender or not. I chose to go for it and stuck it clean! Of course it didn't look like Mc's or anything but it officially qualified as a Nac Nac :) Start small and it will progress naturally.

Chris (sorry to brag, I'm just stoked)

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