96 YZ125 trans bearings - help

There are 4 transmission bearings pressed into the crankcase. Number 29 on the schematic from the link below is the one I'm concerned about. The one i ordered and received is a sealed bearing that looks to be the right size. However the one currently in the crankcase is not sealed. I called to verify and they said the part number on the box is correct. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know anything about this? They crossed it against different schematics  and they all concur. The only sealed bearing I found in the crankcase was the shift drum bearing and this is definitely not that. I have no idea why it would need to be sealed since it is on the cutch housing side if I'm not mistaken. The only scenario other than it actually is right, is that this part was in the wrong box. Or I'm on crack. :excuseme:   Any ideas?



you can pull those seal off without problem IMO

A couple pics and a little more info. In my manual it is called the right mainshaft bearing for the trans mainshaft. It is the middle bearing in the 1st pic. Next to it is the new bearing they sent me in the second pic. What gives?



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