2013 LBL 200 Dual Sport Video

We had a blast at this ride! Switch it to 1080HD and let it rip:





Edited by r_benner

Missing something?

nope... let it play. :rolleyes:

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379029885.058525.jpg

All I see... Damn iphone...

Fantastic Video!!  Looked like a great time. (no comment on the lotion by the bed)   ;)


Thanks for sharing.



(no comment on the lotion by the bed)   ;)


 it's Boudreaux's Butt paste. That ride was almost 250 over two days. worked great!

Edited by r_benner

The vid plays just fine on my Android.

OH.... what he meant was he couldn't see the embedded deal. I put a link on it now. Sorry...

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