Need a new power band

Where can I get one for cheap?

Is it easy to install?

Where can I get one for cheap?

Is it easy to install?

I have a very good source and am told that Walmart will be having a huge 47% off sale on these for the Christmas season. Fifteen minute installation.  Red, blue and purple only. Can you wait?

The power band of an engine or electric motor refers to the range of operating speeds under which the engine or motor is able to operate efficiently. While engines and motors have a large range of operating speeds, the power band is usually a much smaller range of engine speed, only half or less of the total engine speed range (electric motors are an exception – see Electric Motors below).

Specifically, power band is defined by the range from peak torque to peak horsepower (or sometimes to redline). For example: combustion engines typically generate maximum torque at perhaps 2500 RPM. The peak horsepower might be 5000 RPM. Such an engine would have a power band of 2500 to 5000 RPM, in which the engine would be very efficient.

I've heard good things about these, your supposed to install them in your exhaust port:



Where can I get one for cheap?
Is it easy to install?

Where can I get one for cheap?

Is it easy to install?

get a stage 2 purple power band and shove it in the exhaust port and if you want more power put lots of metal shavings in your cylinder




The dual stage powerbands are really what the 2 stroke needs. Instead of having a massive midrange hit like the factory powerband, the dual stage powerband uses a thinner powerband for increased bottom end and then around 5500 RPM, the thicker powerband engages and gives you a stronger top end.  Its kinda like what Honda did with V-TEC on their cars. It really helps to smooth out the 2 stroke engine curve and gives you more usable power like the 4 strokes.

I see some people's sarcasm detectors are off.

Orange powerband, rip the arms right out of your sockets.

I purchased the Orange powerband for my Ct 110 postie bike. It came with rubber o ringed underpants and velcro waist to keep all the fear and excitement in.

I didnt realize the OP was in California....    Most powerbands are illegal there. You can still get some types but it involves some paper work, a 7 month wait, and a 200 dollar tax stamp.  Its still totally worth it in my opinion.

Red Power Band+ Race Fuel=  rips your fokkin arms off!! 


Ask me how I know!  


You're not ready for it yet though. Don't even try it. 

Poison is the best Power Band, however Warrant works well too................

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