Counter sprocket Problems - too tight?

My counter sprocket was loose but it never came off because I had the washer bent over.  After I tightened the nut down on the counter sprocket I wasn't able to put the bike into neutral.  I push started the bike in 2nd gear in order to get it running.  When I down shifted into 1st gear I heard a loud screech and then the back tire started skidding and the bike died.  I thought I seized the engine. 


I loosened the nut ion the counter sprocket all the way and the bike could then go into neutral again.  I hand tightened the nut back on the counter sprocket and bent the washer up and now the bike runs fine.  I do hit neutral a lot when I'm shifting gears however there is no grinding etc.


My question is why would tightening the counter sprocket make it so I couldn't shift into neutral and why would it mess up first gear when it's tight?  I really don't want to ride around with the front nut not tightened down on the sprocket.



(side note I did have the back brake on and the bike in gear when I took the nut off the first time)

Hey Shushu

Are you sure you didn't put the sprocket on backwards?

Just a thought


I can assure you that you can't get it to tight if there is nothing wrong with your motor. As Gonzo said you may have it on backwards, there is a relief in the sprocket to accommodate the seal area, My guess is that if you look at your cases around the seal area you will see some wear. I had one 450 I had to put a shim behind the sprocket to get it away from the seal housing, but that was with a 12t sprocket.  the 06-07 sprockets were so tight it took a 3/4 " air wrench to get them loose.

I took off the sprocket and the flat side was facing out. I don't see any wearing on the case or metal shavings.

Could i have some how misplaced or lost a shim on that shaft, either inside the cases, the clutch side or on the countershaft side?

After asking everyone about it I think my problem is that the 2nd gear bushing is welded to the counter shaft.  Not sure how that happens or happened.  Maybe from riding with a loose CS nut.  However my options are to split the cases and fix the problem or keep riding with a finger tight CS nut and pray it doesn't break soon!

I have a 2011 Kx450 I purchased new. After 15 hours, my bike was making a periodic screeching noise from the countershaft. I rode the bike until after a break in riding, I could not start the bike  because I could not find neutral. This occured @ aprx 24 hrs.  I took the bike to a local mechanic who split the cases. He called me into the shop and 3rd gear was fused to the counter shaft. He said my oil filter was intalled backwards, thus starving the gearbox of oil, causing the heat related failure. Apparently the counter shaft is hollow and lubes the gearbox through the hole inside of the countershaft. I had done 4 or so oil changes on the bike until that point and was unaware that I could put the oil filter in backwards. It seemed like the oil filter could only go in one way. I feel like an effing idiot and just pay the dude 35 bucks to change and dispose of my oil after every ride. I hope this sheds a little light on your noise issue, bro.

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