New gas tank which should I choose

I got a 93 yz 125 and I am wondering if I should get the oem which is more expensive or get the aftermarket that is 3.7 gallons (bigger then oem) which is actually cheaper and better looking. But still good material.

Do you ride only track? go small


Trails? go big.

I can tell you a Clarke don't fit so well on my 09 crf450

Well I heard of the weight of filled oversized gas tanks cause infamous nose dives. But could I compensate by possibly putting just a little less of the oem gas tank capacity in it so I got dual purpose?

Sure just dont fill it up as much

do you really need that much?

If you do long rides a bigger tank is better.  IMS is a pretty reputable brand for this.

I don't need that much but if I do go trail riding which I do it would be a good idea plus cheaper

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