PRO-X forged piston?

Doing a rebuild on my bike and had planned on going all oem, but I found a deal on eBay. It's a pro x piston and gasket set. The listing says the piston is forged, I was under the assumption that all pro x pistons were cast, am I correct? I emailed pro x this morning and still haven't gotten a response. I emailed the seller to see if it was an error and to find out what brand the gaskets were and they said the piston was forged and the gaskets were L.A. Sleeve. I was also not aware they made gaskets. Please don't turn this into a forged vs cast argument. I know from my searches there are already plenty of those. I may still pick it up since its so cheap, and I'm pretty sure from my research pro x is made by ART, which is stock in my bike. Link below to the listing.

your kxf application would be forged,  twosmoke and some older fourstroke piston are cast.

your kxf application would be forged, twosmoke and some older fourstroke piston are cast.

Good to know. I'll get it ordered.

Pro-x is making both cast and forged. Check Parts Unlimited off-road catalog for the part numbers.

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