KLX110L Stock Shock Dimensions (pics)

Since I removed the stock "L" shock from my Grandson's bike today I thought would share the shock dimensions.  I've read dozens of threads on various forums about 110 & 110L shock dimensions  and see conflicting numbers so here is actual measured dimensions.


Hope this helps someone (like me) looking for shock replacement info. for the KLX 110L.






The stock KLX 110L shock is 11.338", or 288mm eye-to-eye




The mounting hole bushings are .7815", or 19.850mm wide



The mounting hole bushings have an I.D. of .4000", or 10.160mm



The spring wire diameter is .337", or 8.559mm



The spring coil O.D. is 2.500", or 63.500mm


Thanks for the info. My sons 110L shock is mighty stiff also looking for a solution to the problem.

Nice work old mxer.....ive just ordered a 2016 KLX 110L for my 11 year old boy and i already know that im going to have to do something about the rear shock stiffness.

He only weighs 45 KGs. (100LBS)

I got the dealers attention this time when i said i would buy one but only if there was a solution to the rear shock issue..............he was very helpful!!......................he said there was a company that could make a replacement shock spring that would be identical in dimensions but with smaller diameter coils for a softer spring rate.

I have also read that the swingarm bushes are stiff, also contributing to the hard rear end.


I'll post up info in this forum when its all done and sorted.................................... i think these forums are great for sharing info too


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