Dunlop D803 Trials Tire / Great traction / Hard to mount

At the beginning of this season I decided to jump on the trials tire bandwagon.  I chose the Dunlop D803.


Mounting the tire was a significant challenge.  I was not successful so took it down to my local garage.  Well lubed on the bead but it was stalling the car tire machine.  We eventually got it on but I will be cutting it off.  No way I will get that bead over the rim.


Great traction on our wet / rocky single tracks here in Calabogie Ontario.  It significantly increased my confidence and riding skills.  Only noticed less traction going through mud holes but it still got me through them.  I was lucky not to get a flat since I would not be able to fix it.


I need to do a tire change now and am looking for recommendations on other rear trials tires that are easy to field mount.  



Fixed that tire on the trail more than a few times, no problem. what is hard is getting the tubless molded bead to seat up on a tube type rim. It'll go, but needs more lube and air pressure.   After the tire has been ridden, and flatted on the trail it's loose and warm enough that trail fixing it isn't that bad.  Hopefully some of my buds that run that one will post.  


On the opposite end of the spectrum would be the michelin (not the high dollar pro model) , it mounted so ez I had concerns of the rim lock being able to keep it from slipping.

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Just get better tire irons. I bought a set of heavy duty ones and 803's are not a problem any more. They are bike master with the turned aluminum handle. The 803 has more grip than a MT-43. I will use the 803 since I favor grip over life.

mt 43 pro-  only TT you can ride out flat, and not snake around too much on pavement  con- they weigh 14 lbs!, thus  only TT that had me futzing with the clickers try to control that beast swinging up and down.


All the brands have pro's and cons.

Better Tire Irons!!  Seriously it was put on using a powered tire mounter and two 24 inch truck tire irons at my local garage.  It stalled the tire changer.  I changed it today and cut the bead to get it off.  Back to a knobby for the fall wet season.  Another brand of Trials will go back on after next spring.

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