starting my cr500 conversion

I am finnaly getting my conversion started, 02 cr250 (was basket case when purchase) - donor (91 cr500).  Bought the cp500 kit and just got done sending my frame out to have it done by a professional that speacializes in them (not mps).  Super stoked.  Should get my frame back in a few weeks.



Those 95 shrouds look good. How much for them?

Those 95 shrouds look good. How much for them?

lol, I thought they may have been off of the 94, hit me up in a few weeks when I pull the motor,

Damn you Kirkes!  I was just about to ask that!

btw, for what its worth the bike as a steelie is pretty fun to ride so cant wait to convert it... I put a magura on a it that makes a world of difference, the track at my house has some super technical sections and without it I kept stalling...

Mke from mworks says he got it and I will get it back next week :)

runs great, feels like a ferrari...

a  more odds and ends to finish this weekend,


Looks great.  I just ordered the CP500 kit today for my 05 CRF250.  

This is awesome. I have a 2002 cr frame myself. I love these 500's I have a 97 steel frame and a 94 steel frame. I'm thinking about using the 94 for the donor. Any suggestions on who I can ship my frame, radiators ect, to get the fab work done? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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