TTR will not stop smoking

Guys I need some help. I recently bought a 2004 TTR 90 for my kids, I knew there was a smoking issue, but figured I could fix it with rings and gasket. 

After new rings, head and jug gaskets, new valve seals and o rings and valve adjustments, THIS THING IS STILL blowing white / blue smoke. 

I thought maybe it was in the exhaust packing, so I took exhaust off and tried it. Its blowing from exhaust in head. New oil is coming from that hole, so its like oil is blowing right by rings. WTF is it?  Oh by the way it Has great compression. 

Before you ask rings are on correct. Any information would be great!

Thanks Guys!

After a rebuild you need to wait about 500km or so before the oil used in the rebuild gets burnt out. Wait a while and see.

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