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I keep finding myself looking for more from my 01 cr125, a 6th gear would help alot.

I want to stay with a 2 stroke 125 but im curious what years and models are better than others. I ride mostly hard rocky trails, hills and woods and i'm 5'7" 180lbs :)

I guess im looking for a 125 or similar with more lower end for hills and a 6th gear.

Im looking at a 06 ktm sx 125 , a 01 rm125 and a 05 yz. Wondering the pros and cons of these bikes and how you guys seemed to like them.

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I would suggest just going for a 250. Most 125s are going to be relatively similar. 

Yep time to step it up. KTM 200 would be another option.

Debating between a 05 yz125 and a 04 cr250.

Would the yz be noticably faster?

And how were the 04 crs? The bikes in mint shape but its 3000$

I also have an 01 cr125, its fun now that i've dumped a bunch of money into it, but its still just an all top end bike.


I'm going to get an 06+ yz125 and bore it out amongst other things.

Yeah im just debating on stepping up to the 250 or getting a better 125 :/

I guess i just wanna no. Am i too big for the yz125?

Your probably not going to notice a big difference between brands of 125s. You'll be more happy on a 250.

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2300$ 05 yz


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380278467.235821.jpg

3000$ 04 cr250

Definitely time to step up to a 250.

I would look for a 2006 and up Yz! You will be very happy!

Im reading the cr250 is a 5 speed tranny... I might go with the yz 125 for now and see how i like it. Like i said im not looking for crazy power just more than the cr125 i have has to give.

Ive been reading good things about the yz 125. Supposedly its a good step up from the cr.

I believe im going to start with the yz125 and get a athena 144 kit if im still looking for more.

Definitely time to step up to a 250.

I would look for a 2006 and up Yz! You will be very happy!

Do you think im too big for the 125? I dont ride track, mostly woods and fourwheeler trails and logging roads.

I dont no if the 250 will be too much on the tight trails..

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Your not necessarily to big for a 125, but the power of a 250 might be more suitable for what your looking for. It's about a 20lb weight difference from a 125-250. There still very light. nimble and flickable.

There's also the Ktm 200, great bikes. Honestly it's probably exactly what your looking for!

I would try to test ride them before your final decision if possible.

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Will i be looking for a 6th gear on the cr250? Or will the extra power make the 5 speed more useable? The only ktm 200 around is 4500$

So i just checked out the cr250. Everything mint lol. But there was white foam in the antifreeze! Whats this from? The bike wasnt driven in a few months.

Well i got it anyways lol..

I ride a 2000 cr250 and i rarely find myself in 4th on trails

Post pics!!

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