honda 650 xr l

need info on replacing timing chain, what needs to be removed to get to it, and can i do it with out removing the tensioner


  1. First put engine on top dead center
  2. Remove right side cover
  3. Remove clutch basket
  4. Remove Valve Cover
  5. Remove chain adjuster

I am sure I forgot something

You do not actually have to remove the can remove the locking bolt under the valve cover and push the tensioner arm towards the rear of the engine...then wedge a screwdriver behind it at the top so it stays put,,change the chain and then pull the screwdriver to activate the tensioner,,re-install the lock bolt..lock blt must be removed or the tensioner arm will not go backwards away from the chain..


kmequint is right on the rest though,,,,,,but you have to remove the carb and intake manifold,,slide the valve cover to where the crab was and out the right side...



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