2000 yz250 case question

So I have a broken left case and I have looked around but want to make sure on the cases.  Now will a 2001 case fit?  Some have said yes and no.  I would like to get a answer from someone that has done it.  Plus I can't fix the case because it has a hair line crack right across the crank bearing.  Just so you know the guy that had it ran straight gas in it and lets just say the piston is everywhere. 

Hey Crazy. I believe you can swap out any of the case from '99 up to present day. I myself have used from 2001 thru 2005. But before you scrap the case make sure the crack is a crack and not a casting mark. Look around on the forum and you will be able to look at some of the pictures posted at what I'm talking about. Good luck

Not any side case, at some point they went to a smaller dia. kickstart shaft.

oops sorry I didn't relize you were talking about the inner case...

I believe they are all the same?? there was some change with the crank which in turn uses a diff spacer on the earlier years but the actual case itself might be identical.. have you checked part numbers?

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You can see light through the crack it is done.  Yes it is the inner case and all the info I have got says 2001 and up are all the same but 1999 and 2000 the same.  Few have said that 2000 and 2001 will work but then I find something else that says they are not all the same.  That is why I would like to find someone that has done it and not "I think it will" answers.  Still thanks for the help guys.  The kid that owned this bike just beat the shit out of this thing and never really fixed anything just found ways to make it work and it shows because almost everything has had to be replaced.  And I don't mean just mean the motor parts I mean everything.  It is one of those bikes that from a distance it seems okay but up close you start finding all sorts of little things missing or just wrong with it.  Still I have fun building these bikes just amazes me sometimes what people will think of to fix something.  I might post pic's of some of the crazy shit I have found on this bike.  

Yeah, I think it will work....

JK.  Here's what I can offer.  OEM parts lists say that the 2000 & '01 are the same.  Beyond that, other years MAY interchange but have small differences that don't matter too much like accessory bosses, etc.   So, you're pretty much guaranteed that it MAY work.

Well I thought I had a 2001 case but that didn't work out.  Looks like I will be seaching for another one. 

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