2002 RM125 lost one spoke nipple off rear rim.

Just realized my rear wheel is missing one spoke nipple.  I bought the bike used so i'm guessing it has been missing for a while.


Anyway.  Are these one size fits all or do I have to get one specific for this bike.  Looking at OEM parts you have to buy a complete set and I didn't see any single replacement ones off of RMATV. 


What is the deal?  You think I could do to the Yamaha dealer down the street and find one that will work.  The spoke is still there just no nipple that hooks to the rim.

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You should be able to get a spoke/nipple at a local shop for cheap.  My local shop has an assortment of loose spokes/nipples.  If you are going to got to the shop just buy the spoke/nipple at the same time.  Then you know they match.  

oh ok...I got what you are saying...just get a whole new spoke too.  That makes sense.

If you are able to get just one spoke, you need to know if it is an inside, or an outside. Every wheel has two sizes of spokes. The inside spoke is a little longer. It is always a good idea to have extra spokes around.

Ok.  Sounds good.  I've never had to mess with spokes so I didn't know about that.

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