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Still wondering about chain rollers...

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Ok I asked this before but still not sure how they are supposed to go from the factory or if I even  need them, does somebody have a picture of how the stock chain rollers go on an "S" model? The bike I bought does not have any rollers but it does not seem to affect the chain at all, it does not look like it makes contact anywhere that it shouldn't. I am now getting ready to change the front and rear sprockets and ordered a 15/41 set and new O-ring chain with 112 links, should I remove any links since I am using the 41 instead of the stock 44 rear? Thanks again, just want to make sure I get this thing figured out and working properly.

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There are two chain rollers, one under the chain, just on the inside of the kick stand and one above the chain just under the coolant expansion tank.

The bottom one takes up slack for an uncompressed swing arm like while off the ground while the upper one does the same for when the swing arm is compressed all the way like landing a just or hitting whoops, this is to ensure the chain doesn't jump on the sprockets or come off completely. The top one might also protect your coolant tank.

I'd say that you need them, but there has been some debate over the usefulness of the top one as there have been reports of the chain roller breaking out taking a piece of the frame with it, though I'm sure that must have been on an over tightened chain.

They are pretty cheap, about $13 each from DRC and I see no good reason to not put them on.


I did a quick Google search for "DRZ chain roller" and was able to find a few examples.


You shouldn't need to remove any links for that chain to work on those sprockets.

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