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Jetting for altitude

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Ok I know there are 1000 posts on here about jetting but I just can't seem to find one specific to my altitude. I ride my 2012 drz400sm daily from 3000-6000 ft on a 48 km commute to work. Great twisty road through the Rockies in jasper national park . I just did the 3x3 opening and installed a Jd jet kit. 155 main - blue needle 3rd clip and 25 pilot with extended fuel screw . After starting to work on the bike the beers were disappearing fast and I decided to wait till the morning to put it back together. After the slight error of forgetting to put back the vacuum hose the bike fired up and ran great and the mods seemed to have given me what I was hoping for minus a small surge around 1/2 throttle. I just went with the jetting recommendations of the jet kit. should I try something else for the altitude ? Fuel screw is out 2.50 turns Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated there are more than few of these bike around here and most of the roads gain a similar altitude. Thanks guys

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