Anybody got any ideas?

Not sure what's goin on here.... just picked this bike up and it needs new wheel bearing and new fork seals.. but.... one of the pinch bolts is royally effed.. here's a pic. 1379039276094.jpg

Anybody have any ideas what so ever?:blink::unsure::angry::wacko:

Dremel two large flat spots on it, then use vise grips.

There isn't enough head on the bolt for that..

If you can weld..... weld a nut on top of the bolt head.

Or ^^^ grind two sides flat and get some vice grips.

Or get an imperial ring spanner or socket (ever slightly smaller than metric) and hammer it on. Then use an impact driver to undo it.

Got that some beech outta there. 1379048667155.jpg1379048677895.jpg

Use Never Seize on the new bolts and never have this problem again!!!

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