Suzuki 2000 DRZ400E Bogging off idle

I had a KTM 450 that I really liked, but didn't need anymore since I don't go out  to the mountains.  So I sold it, now I am back to my backkup bike, a 2000 DRZ400E.  It is pathethic off idle, nearly dies when you give it a handfull off idle.


I have read all about the fixes, but I would rather take it to someone who has successfully fixed the carburetion on one of these DRZ400's.  Does anyone know a shop or individual in Ohio(I am in Columbus) who can get this thing properly jetted.


Thanks David

Sounds too rich or the air filter is blocked

David you should think about doing this yourself. It may seem like learning chinese in three days, but in reality it's not hard and you will come away with knowledge and satisfaction. If you decide to tackle it, plenty here to help. 


Is it stock, no 3x3 mod? If so, do the 3x3 and put a JD jet kit & extended fuel screw.

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