Mx gear

I'm going to be getting some gear hear in a little while. Jersey, pants, boots, chest protector etc. etc. etc.

For a chest protector, I'd like to have a neck brace. What are some options? For a helmet, I've read up on them and I'll get one of the double layer eps or what ever its called. Does it matter what helmet to where w/ a brace? Thanks

In terms on chest protectors that incorp the neck brace have a look at Leatt and EVS


Some of them are made for the neck brace. Im running the Leatt one and couldnt be happier... 


For a helmet, remember you only have one head, and it pays to protect it, get something solid, depending on your budget...


Hope that helps a little...  :ride:

Thank you! I like the way the evs looks and the price. What do you suggest for boots?

When I started riding again about 2 years ago I bought the cheapest stuff I could find and then started upgrading.  For boots, I was told that Gaerne is the safest.  I don't know if that's true but I just bought them and they fit awesome and feel very secure.  They are pricey though.  Some boots are really soft and maybe you can shift better but I'd rather have sturdy ones.

The Leatt chest protector works perfectly with the brace.  I have Fox body armor and it doesn't really go with my neck brace but I make it work.  Leatt is coming out with a new chest and back protector called the 5.5 HD which looks awesome and I might look into it when it comes out like next month.  For helmets, I think that double layer is a little better than single layer but if you want to go all out (and empty your wallet) then the 6D has a double layer with shock absorbers between this.  I have one and it's very comfortable and ventilated and to me it was worth the money.

Not released until Sept 27 but I'm going to get the Bionic TEch Jacket by Astars.

I like lightweight under jersey guards. This as kidney belt, shoulder chest and back protection built in and is neck brace compatible. Looks like a lower profile and less hot version of a full pressure suit. I've been looking everywhere for something like this so maybe other people will be interested in it too.


As for boots I would check out the Thor Ratchets for about $170 if you're not looking to spend a lot. They tend to fit 1/2 to 1 size smaller than shoe size though but they have really good bang for the buck and look good too. If you want something a little higher end but still good value try the Jett J1 Pro boots for about $300, they have a really narrow toe box which helps with shifting and their soles are super easy to replace yourself - no glue.

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+1 on the Leatt chest protector. I use one with a Leatt GPX Club II neck brace and couldn't be happier. There are a wide varietly of helmets to choose from. The big question is what is your budget? I good helmet right now on closeout is the Bell Moto 9. Regularly $500 and you can find them on BTO and Ebay (new) for the $250 range. One Industries has some nice closeout helmets for under $200. If you are willing to go up in price there are some Shoei's on ebay (new) for $420-450. You need to pick a price before you decide on a helmet. Personally, I'm going with the moto 9 or the new One Industries helmets next season. As for boots, again pick a price and then we can tell you. I'm using 661 Comps right now and love them, especially the $190 price tag. For gear sets, go to BTO sports. They have a lot of sets (last years) for $50-60 right now which is crazy.

How are the fly racing f2 carbon helmets? Are they double layer eps?

I bought a leatt neck brace and leatt chest protector yesterday and I love them both. Getting roosted with rocks to the chest is no longer an issue. Today's my first day using both and I don't even notice either of them. I feel just as mobile as I did being naked out there, I'd highly recommend going with leatt!

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