XR 400 Road tires

Hey there, I am just learning to ride and I recently purchased a plated XR. I have read suggestions for:

 Bridgestone BT45's

Avon Distanzias

Avon Gripsters


Continental-TKC 80

Metzeler Lasertec


Nevertheless, there is a bit of mixed communication as to best performance and size for the standard 18/21 rims.


For my purposes I just want something that will handle well on paved roads with some cornering abilities.  I have never gone dirt biking but I got a dual sport thinking I may eventually  ride some trails, therefore, I am also considering a good dual sport tire.


Any links or information would be helpful.



Attached is a pic. of my new joy


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I've only had the 705 on your list. They are very nice for the very cheap price.  Probably way cheaper than the rest  there.  

I recently put the Kenda 761s on my XR4 and I really like them. They are very smooth going down the road and I have no trouble riding on gravel roads. Quite honestly they corner better than my previous knobbies. I have the 90/90/21 front and it is a little taller than the stock size, and the 120/80/18 rear that is a little shorter than stock. Most of my in town riding is at 25 mph so the slightly shorter rear has helped with the previous chugging in 5th gear. Again I can corner way better than before, they are much better on slightly wet pavement than the previous knobbies too. 

You might want to search the dual sport forum for those brands.

First, you need to think how much road riding compared to off road riding. How much performance do you need offroad. Really good street tires will be marginal off road. Really good DOT knobbies will wear fast on the street. Hundreds of miles to wear out knobbies, not thousands.

Rubber compound is as important as tread pattern. Some more expensive tires will stick better due to the compound used.

Knobbies work ok on the street, but wash out quickly on wet slick roads.

Awesome. Thank you for the reply and thank you ES44AC for the specific tire sizing you are using.  



I guess I will keep looking around, I may just buy an extra set of rims so I can just swap out Knobbies with street tires with ease.  I live in the city so I am going to be either on the road or hauling my bike to some trails where I can ride dirt.  That way I can have the best performance all around.... 

Shinko 244 are a good choice too.

I had distanzias on my supermotos and they were incredible for a tyre that is mostly used on pavement and on dirt ROADS or simple trails. I would not suggest them unless this is your intended purpose, but for this purpose.

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